“I had previously been a patient of Dr. Aixa at another practice. She is so knowledgeable; she explains everything so there is no reason to be scared. I originally came to Dr. Aixa with back pain and sciatica which I have had every day of my life since childhood. I have tried medications before coming into the office and they had no effect. They just numb the pain and they do not FIX the problem like chiropractic care. I absolutely noticed improvement, I don’t remember the last time I woke up and could not get out of bed because of pain. I no longer miss work due to my symptoms. I feel better, I am happier. I now care about taking care of myself and being healthy. Dr. Aixa has helped me to make changes for the better in my life. I know that I have found my chiropractor for life, someone who truly cares about my health and well-being. Together we will work to make a better healthier me.”
- R. de la Portilla


“I was not scared but unsure that chiropractic care could help. I believed that any help would be positive because of the pain I was in. I originally came into Dr. Aixa Goodrich’s office with upper and lower back pain, pelvic pain and a stiff neck. Before I came into the office I was taking pain pills and muscle relaxers. However, nothing worked as well as the chiropractic treatments. I have noticed other positive changes in my overall health and function. I am more flexible and am easier to get along with because I am no longer in pain.”
- R. Bell


“I originally came to see Dr. Aixa with neck pain, headaches and TMJ. Before I came into her office I had tried over the counter medications, stretching and massages. I have noticed tremendous improvement, no longer experiencing headaches on a daily basis or pain in my jaw. Other positive changes I have noticed, is my sleep has improved as well as the quality of my daily life.”
- L. Rios


“I was unsure at first because I’ve never had any prior chiropractic care but it has proven to be very effective. I originally came to see Dr. Aixa with neck and lower back pain due to an auto accident. I have noticed a significant improvement with my original complaint as well as my everyday functions. I have also noticed a relief in tension in my back and overall flexibility.”
- A. Rodriguez


“I was a little scared since I had never been to a chiropractor. Being hit by a car hurts and I only imagined the therapy to be worse. But I love it! I originally came with pain in my entire left leg, neck and back. I had swelling, soreness, and could barely walk. I left the ER with oxycodone and ibuprofen prescriptions. That’s all. I didn’t like either prescription. The ibuprofen helped my swelling but both meds hurt my stomach immensely. I have noticed improvement times a billon! My swelling has gone down and my body doesn’t feel so stiff anymore. I have most certainly noticed other positive changes. My back feels amazing, I feel less stress, I feel healthier and happier. No pills, just chiropractic!”
- M. Franco


“I wasn’t sure that chiropractic care could help because of the way I felt health wise. I thought my condition would be permanent. I had neck pain and headaches every day. It was rare to have a headache free day. I also had limited mobility in my neck. I had tried everything for headaches; I had to switch every now and then when one OTC Med would stop working. I have noticed a huge difference with the headaches, I still get them on occasion but not everyday or with the same severity. I just feel better, whereas before I never really felt good. I have more energy now.”
- D. Castrillon


“I was having hip pains from playing softball and thought it was old age, but pain persisted for two weeks. I sought treatment from Dr. Goodrich through my provider list. I researched and googled different doctors and was impressed with her whole body / holistic approach. I noticed improvement with my hip. Although the hip pain was my original health issue, I came to chiropractic care for all over body wellness. I told Dr. Goodrich that I had had the worst menstrual cramps in my 25 years; I had experience cramps since I was 15 years old. I received 2 adjustments before my menstrual cycle. I have to report that my cramping was VERY MILD, almost nonexistent. First time in 25 years!”
- P. Nix